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Behavior Code

Behavior Code

SunMoon English School (SES) is committed to create a safe, supportive & positive learning environment for all students, staff & parents. SES utilizes a range of activities to recognize, celebrate and reward positive behaviour at the classroom, school & outside school. The purpose to this Behaviour Code is to state clearly our standards for acceptable conduct of students, parents & guardian.

SunMon English School students and parents/guardians are expected to -

  • Respect their teachers, administrators, school staff, other students and their parents.
  • Respect all members of the school committee and show courtesy to all students, Teachers & Parents.
  • Strive to achieve the highest standards of learning.
  • Follow school Rules and direction of their teachers.
  • Attend school every day & on time (unless legally excused)
  • Respect all school property and take care of them
  • Cooperate with others and treat one another with dignity.
  • Maintain positive and respectful relationships and think about the effect on relationships before acting.
  • Dress properly by complying with the school uniform & Dress code. Makeup, ornaments or fancy items are not allowed.
  • Actively participate in learning and be prepared for every lesson.
  • Care for self and others and value the interest, ability and culture of others.
  • Not be violent or bring illegal thing, drugs, alcohol or tobacco in to the school.
  • Students are not allowed to use cell phone in the school premises.
  • Avoid dangerous & harmful behaviour and encourage others not to do.
  • Take personal responsibility for behaviour and actions.
  • Negotiate and resolve conflict (if any) respectfully, calmly and fairly with empathy.
  • Leave class only with permission of teacher or school authority.
  • Not allow unauthorized guest or visitors on campus without special permission from the school office.
  • Not request any teacher to come out of the classroom in class time to meet with parents/guardians.

SunMoon English School may take strong action in response to behaviour that is injurious to self or others or to the achievement of high quality education. SES reserves the right to terminate immediately the enrolment of any student at any time for violation of SES Behaviour Code by the students and Parent Guardian.

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